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Thermal Transfer Ribbons - Wax
Thermal Transfer Ribbons - Wax
For use with thermal transfer labels on Zebra, Sato or Datamax brand printers.
  • Printhead Saver® and anti-static back coating designed to extend the life of thermal printheads.
  • Ribbon performance characteristics allow printing at lower temperatures and faster speeds resulting in reduced printhead costs and lower overall energy usage.
  • Delivers dark, high-definition rotated and non-rotated barcodes, text, logos and symbols.
  • Durable and smudge resistant.
  • Highly sensitive allowing for lower print temperatures.
  • Prints at higher speeds - up to 12 IPS.

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Item Description
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Thermal Transfer Ribbons - Wax
W x LPrinter
Per Case
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1.57" x 1476'Zebra48$218$211$201
2.36" x 984'Zebra36163158151
2.36" x 1476'Zebra36246238227
2.52" x 1476'Zebra36262254242
3.15" x 984'Zebra36219212202
3.14" x 1476'Zebra24173167159
3.27" x 1476'Zebra24179173165
3.54" x 1476'Zebra24245237226
4.02" x 984'Zebra24146142135
4.02" x 1476'Zebra24220213203
4.33" x 984'Zebra24158153146
4.33" x 1476'Zebra24237230219
5.12" x 984'Zebra24236229218
5.12" x 1476'Zebra24355343327
6.02" x 1476'Zebra12208201192
6.50" x 984'Zebra12150145139
6.50" x 1476'Zebra12225218208
7.09" x 1476'Zebra12251243232
8.66" x 1476'Zebra12300290277
1.57" x 1181'Datamax48185179171
2.01" x 1181'Datamax36177172164
2.36" x 1181'Datamax36197190181
2.52" x 1181'Datamax36222215205
3.00" x 1181'Datamax36249241230
3.27" x 1181'Datamax24192186177
3.50" x 1181'Datamax24153148141
4.02" x 1181'Datamax24176170162
4.33" x 1181'Datamax24189183175
4.50" x 1181'Datamax24249241230
6.00" x 1181'Datamax12166161153
2.09" x 1345'Sato36210203193
3.00" x 1345'Sato24284275262
4.02" x 1345'Sato24200194185
4.33" x 1345'Sato24216209200
5.12" x 1345'Sato12162156149
5.98" x 1345'Sato12189183175
6.50" x 1345'Sato12205199189
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